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Treatment of horses

Avecell - léčba kmenovými buňkami u koní

The use of mesenchymal stem cells is highly effective in regenerative medicine, primarily in tendon and cartilage injuries of horses.

The advantage of this therapy is the speed and quality of the healing of damaged tissue. During standard therapy, scar tissue and collagen III are formed; and these new structures do not have the same elasticity as the original tendon. For this reason, repeat injuries typically occur in the healed tendon, not in the scar area but above or below the site of the first injury. In these cases, choosing of therapy using mesenchymal stem cells is to be preferred, especially in horses with a sporting career, where the rate and quality of healing is essential.

After application to the tendon, mesenchymal stem cells differentiate into tenocytes (the basic cells of a tendon) and collagen fibres type I are formed. Collagen I restores the same elasticity to tissue as the original tendon. It follows that therapy with MSCs reduces the risk of secondary tendon injury. Its own cells will be applied to your horse, so there are no adverse immune reactions. It has been shown in a number of scientific publications there are no side effects of this treatment method.

The results of studies show that not only the quality but also the speed of healing are the advantages of cell therapy. And this type of treatment is one of the best solutions for injuries that threaten the health and success of the animals. 

Bone marrow collection is a painless procedure for horses and it can be performed in the stables, with only local anaesthesia. Approximately two weeks later the stem cell product is applied by injection into the tendon. Finally, the injured leg is bandaged and it is then necessary to maintain the recommended time for recovery; which is nevertheless shorter than in other types of treatment.